A Neighborhood Park All Covered in Cheese

Sports NightSports Night was good television. I mean, it was so good, it was scary. Frightening, even. The rapid-fire dialogue, the intelligent dialogue -- it was the dialogue, dialogue that occasionally hit you over the head with its brilliance that made the show. Well, the writing and casting didn't hurt.

And the thing is, I cried when it was unceremoniously dumped from ABC's lineup lo those many years ago. Sure, most of the cast went on to bigger and better gigs. I hear Felicity Huffman got some cushy job someplace, and Peter Krause did some cable show...

But really, few shows have ever matched the level of smarts this show had. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is damn close, in its own way, and I'm watching. Are you? Watching? Studio 60, I mean. If you liked Sports Night, you should be watching Studio 60. In fact, it was one such discussion that lead to the appearance of the complete Sports Night DVD collection to end up on my doorstep. (Thanks, Nick!) Damn if it isn't the best show I've ever had on DVD on my doorstep.

Anyhow, I just want you to know, you should be watching Studio 60 because it's the closest thing we have to Sports Night and Sports Night was brilliant. And it's not faulty logic on your part to think I'm implying Studio 60 has that same brilliance, because that's exactly my intent. So there.

Dan Rydell: I'm not distracted.

Dave: In three, two...

Dan Rydell: The Sophomore sensation accredits her agility and quick first step to her father who used to take her to a neighborhood park all covered in cheese. We'll be bringing you part two of the story tomorrow night...

[back in the Control Room]

Jeremy Goodwin: Did he just say cheese?

Elliot: He did just say cheese.

Dana Whitaker: What was it supposed to be?

Jeremy Goodwin: What was it *supposed* to be?

Natalie Hurley: Let me find it.

Jeremy Goodwin: "A park all covered with cheese"?

Dana Whitaker: I had three people talking in my ear.

Natalie Hurley: I can't find it, what block?

Kim: We just did it.

Kim: The 50's

Will: 55

Jeremy Goodwin: How about "a park all covered with trees"?

Natalie Hurley: He said cheese?

Jeremy Goodwin: Welcome to the show

Casey McCall: Alyson, do you know I speak four languages?

Dan Rydell: You speak three languages.

Casey McCall: I speak four languages.

Dan Rydell: You speak French, Spanish and German.

Casey McCall: I dabble in a little English.

Damn if they didn't dabble amazingly in English.

Gotta go. I still have 4 discs left in the set and I need to reformat the computer. Perfect combo, if you ask me: something I love with something I hate.

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